There are many great resources available for educators and youth to learn about invasive species in BC. Click on the blue titles to download the files.

Guides for Educators

Agriculture, Invasive Species and the Cariboo - Take Action! - Youth Activity Guide (2020)

Agriculture is an important industry in the Cariboo, and invasive species are a big problem to producers. A changing climate may increase their spread, and even allow new species to move into the region. These activities explore invasive species, their impacts, and actions we can take to prevent their spread! If you are not located in the Cariboo, you can still easily adapt these activities for anywhere in BC.

Take Action Against Invasive Species - An Educator's Guide (2019)

This guide was developed to provide a range of activities that inform, engage and inspire participants to take action again invasive species in British Columbia. The activities are suitable for use in both formal school programs and for informal youth groups, camps and recreation programming, and can be done in any sequence. The activities are listed with suggested age / grade categories, but most of them can be adapted to suit almost any age and audience. 

Aquatic Invaders: An Activity Package for Teachers and Youth Leaders (2016)

This resource contains a range of activities to help students and youth groups learn about invasive species and their impacts, and ways we can all help prevent their spread. They are primarily focused on aquatic invasive species but can be adapted for any invasive species exploration. Activiites are suitable for both formal school programs and informal youth groups, camps and recreation programming. Activities are listed with suggested age and grade categories, with most adaptable to suit any age and audience.

Youth Activities

Youth Activities in "Agriculture, Invasive Species and the Cariboo - Take Action! - Youth Activity Guide"
Select Youth Activities in "Take Action Against Invasive Species - An Educator's Guide"
Create Your Own Field Guide Educational Activity - Indigenous Resource (ages 12-18)
Past Present Future Educational Activity - Indigenous Resource (ages 10-18)
Don’t Let it Loose: Youth Aquarium Poster Activity
Don't Move Firewood Colouring Sheet
Native Species Word Search - click here for the answers
Invasive Species Crossword - click here for the answers
Match the Invasive Species Activity
Solve the Mussel Maze

Find the Mussels Activity Sheet
Mussels Maze Activity Sheet 
Aquatic Invasives Colouring Sheet 1 
Aquatic Invasives Colouring Sheet 2 
Aquatic Native & Invasive Word Search
Spotter Jay

Resources For Grade Levels 

Invasive Species Education Activities: Primary (PDF)
Invasive Species Education Activities: Elementary (PDF)
Invasive Species Education Activities: Intermediate (PDF)
Invasive Species Education Activities: Secondary (PDF)
Youth Activity: Musical Mussels (Grade 2-5) (PDF)
Youth Activity: Aquarium Poster (Grade 3-5) (PDF)
Youth Activity: Native / Invasive Plants for K-4 (PDF
Educational Activities and Resources

For teachers and other educators. Activities are suitable for use in both formal school programs, as well as for informal youth groups, camps and recreation programming, and can be done in any sequence. The activities are listed with suggested age / grade categories, but most can be adapted to suit almost any age and audience. Choose an activity to do every day of the week!

Invader Ranger Youth Activity Book

Fun activities for grades 3-6 that involve learning about invasive plants through coloring, word searches, a crossword, weedy widget, dodecahedron, and more! 

Invasives in the Classroom

A practical teacher’s guide (otherwise termed ‘Educators’ Library’) of resources that offers a great selection of learning units, background information, videos, and activities to teach students about invasive species. The learning units are designed to compliment the Grade 4 Life Sciences Integrated Resource Plans for BC. There are ecosystem descriptions for five generalized ecosystems in BC: Grasslands, Temperate Rain Forest, Montane Forest, Northern Forest, and Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands. In addition, there are 37 invasive plant and seven invasive animal species profile sheets that include pictures. There are also 26 profiles for native plant species. Each profile contains detailed information on a specific species.

Additional Resources

Check out the following resources produced by other organizations.

Alien Invaders Challenge

This guide is produced by the Girl Guides of Canada BC Program Committee

Invasives in the Classroom: British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grades 1-7 

This handout outlines the guide’s activities, which are adaptable to all elementary and middle school levels, and relevant to Science, Social Studies and Math. 

Bionic Bob Colouring Book

A colouring book with activities and games that outlines biological control that was developed by Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.

Royal BC Museum: Aliens Among Us

A fun, alien-themed, interactive website that contains resources for teachers, online mapping tools and invasive species profiles. 

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