What We Do

The Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is a collaborative-based organization committed to reducing the spread and impacts of non-native species within BC.

Working together with a large group of partners, Regional Committees, ISCBC members and government agencies and industry, we succeed in our mission by:

1. Organizing and uniting efforts

We know our goal of minimizing the spread and impact of invasive species is an ambitious one. Which is why we’re a membership-based organization that goes out of its way to engage with our partners, funders and a diverse group of industry stakeholders. There are several ways we ensure that diverse opinions are heard including:

2. Educating and informing

We take every opportunity we can to illustrate the consequences and negative impacts of invasive species to people and organizations across BC, using a variety of resources and programs such as PlantWise and Clean Drain Dry.

3. Researching

By helping coordinate research and share the findings through ISCBC Research Forums and live webinars, we’re helping key people up-to-date on the latest information.

4. Training

We offer training programs with different levels of detail around identification, reporting, inventory and management of invasive species for both public and private organizations.

Key Priorities for 2021

ISCBC’s 2017-2021 Business Plan identifies two key directions that guide our work. All of our Council programs and initiatives support one or both of these key directions. Key Direction 1: Inspire British Columbians to Take Action on Invasive Species ISCBC delivers innovative education and training programs and engages people in collaborative initiatives aimed at re-establishing healthy landscapes and communities.  Confirmed 2021 Actions  The following actions have been confirmed as 2021 priorities and actions are underway:  Coordinate Invasive Species Action Month and continue to deliver monthly webinar series.  Develop and deliver the Invasive-Wise Tourism Program and update the PlantWise program. Coordinate Changing Behaviour program, including: Clean Drain Dry; PlantWise; Don’t Let It Loose; Buy Local, Burn…

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