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The Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is a collaborative-based organization committed to reducing the spread and impacts of non-native species within BC.

Working together with a large group of partners, Regional Committees, ISCBC members and government agencies and industry, we succeed in our mission by:

  • Organizing and Uniting Efforts
  • Educating and Informing
  • Researching
  • Training

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Invasive species are threatening BC’s aquatic and riparian ecosystems, such as streams, lakes, and wetlands, and the species that rely on them. They spread alarmingly fast between waterbodies and can create lasting ecological and economic damage.

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Clean Drain Dry

The Clean Drain Dry program empowers you to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms to BC waters by following the clean, drain, and dry procedure on all watercraft and equipment.

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PlantWise is a consumer and industry education program designed to build understanding of the problems caused by invasive species, increasing demand for non-invasive plants, and to support the horticulture industry’s transition to becoming free of invasive species.

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Take Action on Invasives

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Early detection is critical to stopping the spread of invasive species.

You can help detect and locate new infestations of invasive species, particularly those capable of significant environmental or economic harm.

If you see a plant that looks ‘out of place’ or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to report it.

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The Latest Blog, News & Events

Plants under pressure: how to preserve plants and why (part one)

Learn how to create your own plant press in this engaging online workshop! By preserving plants, we can help conserve plant biodiversity and expand our plant identification knowledge.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Rodriguez

Meet ISCBC youth volunteer Jennifer Rodriguez! Jennifer is passionate about restoration and remediation of natural habitats. She is currently travelling through BC with her family identifying and pulling out invasive plants from farms and recreation areas. 

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ISCBC’s Youth Summit 2020 videos now available online

ISCBC's Youth Summit 2020 was held virtually on May 1 and 2. This amazing event is now packaged into an online series!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Ava Arends

Ava has been volunteering with the Kamloops Youth Team since December 2019 and is devoted to preventing the spread of invasive species. See what volunteering means to her!

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Father’s Day boaters reminded to always Clean, Drain and Dry to protect BC’s waters from invasive species

Fishing and boating season is about to kick into high gear in BC. With Father’s Day approaching, anglers and boaters are reminded that they should always Clean, Drain and Dry their boats and gear to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

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Invasive-Wise Tourism Program Launches

The Invasive Species Council of BC is excited to announce the launch of a new Invasive-Wise Tourism Program in 2020. BC is a top tourist destination for travelers worldwide and is known for its incredible diversity of natural landscapes, wildlife and wild spaces. British Columbia’s tourism industry is ranked as the most important sector to BC’s economy, however, tourism is also considered to be a major pathway for the introduction and spread of invasive species. Read more!

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