Games & Activities

Awareness of our environment and its biodiversity is crucial for today’s children.

Invasive species are a real threat to BC’s amazing natural environment. With the right education about invasive species early on, we can hope our youth will hit the ground running. These fun games, video and activities for kids help break down the issues around invasive species and their impacts.


Play and Protect Challenge

Invasive species are everywhere and we need your help!

Know your invasive species

Play four fun games in one and test your skills against the invasive species you encounter.

My Colouring Book

Express yourself with this assortment of drawings you can colour online or print and colour at home.

The Ultimate Invasive Quiz

Get ready to test your knowledge of invasive species and their impact on our environment.

Invader Crusaders

Play this interactive game and help protect native species from the spread of invasive species!