Become a member of the Invasive Species Council of BC and help protect healthy landscapes, habitats and communities free from invasive species. Prevention and education are key to protecting BC’s vast outdoor beauty, clean air and fresh water. The ISCBC is supported and guided by dedicated and passionate members and invite you to join the ‘team’.  From scientists to business leaders, governments to community representatives, rural to urban - all are actively involved in ISCBC’s vision is to ensure a future of healthy landscapes and communities free of invasive species. Join us today to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

Our Membership Structure

Following recent changes in the Societies Act and the ISCBC bylaws, our membership structure has moved to a termed one-year or five-year membership. Five-year membership is available at the cost equivalent to four individual years of membership. Membership applications* can be made year round. The new 2018/19 membership is now available for application at the rates below for the terms as shown. The one year term will expire February 2019.

Membership Categories, Rates and Voting Rights

There are two overall membership categories: Community (includes organizations and individuals) and Youth. Membership rates are effective for the terms commencing February 8, 2018. Youths are aged 12 – 18 years and individuals are aged 19 and over.

Membership Category One-year Rate Five-year Rate Voting Rights**
Youth $20 $80 Non-Voting
Individual*** $40 $160 Voting
Non-profit Organization*** $100 $400 Voting - One Designated Member
Businesses & Government*** $250 $1,000 Voting - One Designated Member

***Each of these Membership Classes is within the Community Membership category. 

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits are shown in the table below:

Benefits  Youth   Individual  Non-Profit Business & Govt.
Monthly e-Bulletin Y Y Y Y
5 free copies of ISCBC resources annually**** Y Y Y Y
Opportunity to vote at AGM   Y Y Y
Discounts on special events Y Y Y
10 per event
10 per event
Discounts on training courses Y Y Y
10 per event
10 per event
ISCBC Organizational Membership decal (avail. Feb 2018); website banner ad and feature in e-Bulletin (annually)     Y Y

*All membership applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks of submission to the Membership Officer.
**In order to be eligible to vote in the 2018 Annual General Meeting, membership must be current and in good standing by January 24th, 2018
***Each of these Membership Classes is within the Community Membership category.
****Up to 5 free copies of ISCBC general resources annually is the member’s choice from *ISCBC’s public communication resources Clean Drain Dry, PlantWise, or Don’t Let It Loose 

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