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Reporting is critical to the protection of BC’s biodiversity and stopping the spread of invasive species.

You can help report native species and detect and locate new infestations of invasive species, particularly those capable of significant environmental or economic harm. By reporting what you see, you will be helping the scientific community identify and manage invasive species and protect BC’s natural spaces.


If you see a plant that looks ‘out of place’ or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to report it. Invasive species tend to pop up in areas that we frequent – like dog walking trails and local parks, or along roadsides and in ditches. Basically, anywhere we go invasive species might come too, so taking extra precautions and reporting what you see are great ways to help. Thank you for taking action by reporting invasive species you see!

How to use the Report Invasives app


Join our iNaturalist project I Spy and Identify where we are building an active community of people observing nature and protecting Canada’s outdoor spaces from invasive species. Whether you are an avid nature enthusiast, sidewalk stroller, or somewhere between, taking a moment to observe and report the plants and animals you see you can contribute to Canada’s biodiversity science. Every report you make helps scientists to track, watch and protect Canada’s native species from unwanted impacts, including invasive species. 

How to use iNaturalist app


The WeedsBMP app was developed as a management tool for livestock and forage producers in BC to successfully identify and manage invasive plants to minimize impacts on operations. WeedsBMP includes identification and management information for 95 invasive plants. Users can search the app by common name, scientific name, and by flower colour to correctly identify an invasive plant and learn how to manage it. The plants are divided into two groups: 1) grasses, sedges and rushes; and 2) broad leaf plants. For each species, detailed information is provided on identification, habitat and ecology, impacts, and management options. WeedsBMP also includes a summary of provincial and regional invasive plant contacts from across the province. 

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