Invasive Species Council of British Columbia


These teaching cards can be downloaded as a set or individually. They can be printed or used as digital tools to teach about invasive species.

These print ready teaching cards include 1 full page photo and an accompanying page with 3 quick facts. There are 50 species in total representing all regions of B.C. They can be downloaded as one file with the complete set or as individual .PDF files for each species.

Complete Set: invasive Species TEACHING CARDS (ALL 50 Species)

How to Use Invasive Species Teaching Cards Games and Activity Ideas

Individual Invasive Species Teaching Cards

Brown marmorated stink bug

Eastern grey squirrel

Eurasian collared dove

Freshwater jellyfish

Himalayan blackberry

Marsh plume thistle

Scentless chamomile

Yellow floating heart

Zebra_Quagga mussels