Invasive Plant

Goldmoss Stonecrop

Sedum acre

About This Species

This rapidly growing succulent was popular for rock and xeriscape gardens and is also occasionally used as a green roof species for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and drought. It flowers from July to September with masses of small yellow flowers, forming a mounding, golden “carpet”-like appearance. However, this species is quite aggressively growing and overtakes other plants, rapidly spreading by both seed and vegetatively. A single leaf can root and turn into a whole new plant.

How to Identify

Twiggy, spreading and low-growing; this plant has green fleshy stems covered with many triangular to needle-like leaves. Flowers are small and green to yellow with 5 petals each. From afar, Goldmoss stonecrop resembles a green or yellow mounding carpet.

Credit: R Routledge, Sault College,

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