Invasive Species Council of British Columbia
Grow Me Instead

Rock rose

Helianthemum nummularium

About This Species

Zone 5a

Grow me instead of Goldmoss stonecrop, Myrtle spurge

Common rock rose, also known as sun rose, is a low growing, creeping woody perennial groundcover. Depending on the cultivar, rock rose is available with delicate pink or yellow flowers which look like wrinkled tissue paper. This plant is drought tolerant and a good choice for rock gardens and other dry, sunny sites. Rock roses have slender green leaves that remain on the plant all year long, providing year-round interest even when not flowering..

When selecting non-invasive plants for your garden, be sure to look for those that are suitable for your location, including moisture requirements, hardiness zone, and avoidance of known bear attractants among other factors.

Plant Special Features

  • Drought-tolerant
  • Fire smart
  • Bear smart
  • Pollinator friendly

Moisture Requirements


Dry or occasionally moist conditions