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Russian olive (Eleagnus angustifolia) is a tree that was introduced to BC due to its attractive appearance for planting in gardens. Don’t be fooled – this tree is invasive, very hardy and takes over from native plants. Pick a PlantWise alternative, instead of Russian Olive, for your garden.

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Be PlantWise! Choose only non-invasive plants for your garden or horticulture business.

Invasive plants can be as beautiful as non-invasive plants, but they have hidden properties which cause harm to the environment and economy. PlantWise helps gardeners and industry understand which plants are invasive and harmful to our communities, and how to make ‘PlantWise’ choices.

Be PlantWise – Grow an Invasive-free Garden

About PlantWise

PlantWise is a provincial program that supports the horticulture industry’s transition to become invasive-free. Whether you are adding new, attractive plants to your garden, starting a landscaping project, growing crops, or running a horticulture-based business you can be PlantWise. Learn which plants are invasive, alternatives to grow instead and which retailers are committing to be PlantWise and sell only non-invasive plants.


Be plantwise

Know what’s invasive in your garden.

Grow Me Instead

Grow Me Instead is a key component of the PlantWise program, supporting gardeners and industry in reducing the distribution of invasive plants.

Buy non-invasive plants

Buy from our PlantWise partners. These are stores who have made a commitment to sell only non-invasive plants.

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