Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Pet and Aquarium Recognized Retailer Program

Pet and aquarium professionals are key partners in protecting BC’s natural ecosystems. Some of the most serious invasive species were originally sold as pets or plants for water gardens and aquariums. Pet owners may not understand the impact their decisions can have on native species and wildlife habitats.

ISCBC has partnered with an amazing group of pet and aquarium retailers across BC to develop the new Don’t Let it Loose Recognized Retailer program, a training and support program for BC’s pet and aquarium industry. Recognizing the knowledge and leadership within the industry, an advisory team of pet and aquarium industry professionals guided the development of this program along with invasive species experts.

The overall goal of the program is to educate pet, aquarium and terrarium owners about invasive species impacts, and a pet’s lifespan and long-term needs before they adopt or purchase to help prevent the spread of invasive species. The program includes an eLearning course, print and digital resources for staff and clients, support from ISCBC, and retailer recognition.

Invasive Species eLearning

Your team are invited to take part in a complimentary eLearning course developed for the pet and aquarium industry, which increases awareness of invasive species and identifies practical steps to prevent their spread.

By the end of this 10-minute course your staff will:

  • Learn about the impacts of invasive pet and aquarium species
  • Recognize best practices and know how to make a difference
  • Feel empowered to help stop the spread of invasive species

Visit ISCBC’s Learning Centre to enroll now.

Supporting materials

Resources have been created for staff and clients and include fact sheets, rack cards, stickers, decals, and more. Digital versions of these resources are available here; get in touch with us for hard-copy versions! Special thanks to our pilot partners who reviewed these resources and offered their feedback. Don’t forget to check the Don’t Let it Loose page for more resources!

*Review applicable lists of regulated invasive species at the national, provincial, regional and municipal levels across Canada. For regional and municipal lists, contact your local government or regional invasive species organization. Not sure who to contact? Check here.

The pet and aquarium recognized retailer program and it’s materials were developed with support from Pets Canada. Pets Canada offers guidance and resources to pet businesses and helps advance the well-being of Canada’s pets.

Spread the Word on Social Media

We encourage you to share your involvement as a Don’t Let it Loose Recognized Retailer Partner through your social media channels and on your website. Engage British Columbians and pet and aquaria owners, and to inspire other retailers to take action on invasive species. Use our suggested post content or create your own!

We are Don’t Let it Loose Recognized Retailers. Our staff have been trained to prevent the spread of invasive species and protect BC’s nature.

Invasive species impact all of us. That’s why we are partnering with the Invasive Species Council of BC to promote responsible pet ownership, suggest alternative options to releasing pets into the wild, and help prevent the spread of invasive species.

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If you have any inquiries about the Pet and Aquarium Recognized Retailer program, please contact Craig Stephani (