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Clean Drain Dry

Clean Drain Dry encourages you to 'clean drain dry' all boats and equipment to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms to BC waters. Outreach staff are providing information to boaters at boat launches, and collaborating with local lakeside stewardship groups across BC to reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms such as Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels, among others. 

Boats and other watercraft are also a frequent method of invasive species entering key habitat within BC such as the province’s lakes, streams and wetlands. With jurisdictions across North America struggling with the impacts of this aquatic invasion, the need for boaters and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts to pay attention and take action is growing. 

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ISCBC asks all boaters and outdoor recreation enthusiasts to commit to following the Clean Drain Dry principles of as soon their boat or watercraft is removed from the water:

  1. CLEAN off all plant parts, animals, and mud from boat and equipment (e.g. boots, waders, fishing gear). Use a power wash station if available. 
  2. DRAIN onto land all items that can hold water (e.g. buckets, wells, bilge, and ballast). 
  3. DRY all items completely before launching into another body of water. 

Learn more - see Clean Drain Dry Webinars

Clean Drain Dry training is open to both the general public and Clean Drain Dry Ambassadors, and consists of a series of narrated presentations about aquatic invasive species and the Clean Drain Dry program. To become a Clean Drain Dry Ambassador, click here or see link below.  

Learn more about how to protect our waterways from invasive species at:

For more information about ISCBC's Clean Drain Dry program, contact Sue Staniforth, Aquatics Manager or call ISCBC 1-888-933-3722.

Clean Drain Dry Summary Report (2013)
Clean Drain Dry Summary Report (2014)
Clean Drain Dry Summary Report (2015)

The Ministry of Environment has updated the Controlled Alien Species Regulations for BC. This report include schedules with a focus on aquatic species that ‘pose a risk to property, wildlife or wildlife habitat’- brought into force Dec. 18th, 2012.

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To do my part in stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species in BC and beyond, I will clean, drain and dry my boat before entering another water body.



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