Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Webinar: Trade Pathways for Invasive Species

Date: March 2, 2022

Time: 10:00am - 11:00am PT

Insights from seller and consumer surveys and an in-store assessment

Hosted byCanadian Council on Invasive Species
Presented by: Chelsey Blanke and Tina Fitzgerald, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Global trade is responsible for invasive species introductions and spread worldwide. In recent years, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources worked to assess risks associated with trades and activities that rely on the movement and possession of live organisms, including the pet, horticulture, food, bait, and biological supply trades. A workshop and surveys of businesses and hobbyists, and an in-store assessment of the availability of invasive species at Minnesota aquarium shops and live seafood markets have provided a better understanding of present-day risks associated with trade pathways for invasive species in the state.

Most businesses and hobbyists are generally concerned about and assume responsibility for preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species. Continuing to learn about attitudes, behaviors, barriers, motivators and communication preferences of people involved in trade pathways is essential to developing successful initiatives that truly promote the adoption and consistent practice of desirable invasive species prevention behaviors. There is also a particular need for ongoing education and collaboration with stakeholders, efforts to address sale of invasive species online, and increased coordination with law enforcement.