Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Webinar: Removing the Target – Giving Relational Consideration to Invasive Species by Applying an Indigenous Worldview

Hosted byCanadian Council on Invasive Species
Presented by: Jennifer Grenz, Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry & Faculty of Land and Food Systems (jointly appointed), University of British Columbia

Indigenous perspectives on invasive species are largely unknown. Informed by Western science, the specific impacts of invasive species are often generalized and not well understood. Common approaches to ecological restoration are rooted is the native versus non-native dichotomy which equates native species with evolutionary fitness. Integration of Indigenous ecological knowledge in land management while increasingly popular, may not provide the full benefit that the application of the Indigenous world view can. The application of Indigenous research methodology to invasion biology reveals new insights into species assessment and ecological restoration in the context of a changing climate. It may be time to see invasive species as more than just targets and give them the relational consideration we so often avoid.