Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Webinar: Canadian Pesticide Registration – From Lab to Label

Date: October 19, 2022

Time: 9:00am to 10:00am

If you would you like a better understanding of what pesticides are, why they are used and how they are regulated to ensure they are safe, join CropLife Canada for the Lab to Label webinar. Pesticides, and their safety, can be complex topics to explain but we can help by providing you with a look at how a pesticide goes from being discovered in the lab to becoming a registered product in Canada, and why Canadians can feel confident in the safety of these products.

About the presenter: Danielle Soulard is the Manager of Chemistry, Science and Regulatory Affairs at CropLife Canada, the trade association that represents the Canadian manufacturers, developers and distributors of pest control products and plants with novel traits. Danielle joined CropLife Canada in 2017 and is responsible for advancing science- and risk-based legislation and regulation relating to the registration, use and sale of pesticides in Canada. In addition to developing and advocating for sound policy and regulatory solutions, Danielle’s areas of expertise include pesticide labelling, environmental risk assessment and product chemistry topics, and pesticide incident reporting. Danielle also led the development of the industry-led stewardship program, Manage Resistance Now, which aims to provide growers with information and tools needed to combat the development of resistance on their land. Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Carleton University in Ottawa and a Master of Science degree in environmental science from the University of Ottawa.

This webinar is approved in British Columbia for one Continuing Education Credit (CEC) toward recertification in the Human Health and/or Pesticide Safety category and in Alberta in the General Information category. To qualify for this credit, you must attend the webinar for one hour and answer the quiz at the end. Please contact us with questions or comments you may have.

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