Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Volunteer Spotlight: Katrice Baur

February 5, 2023

Katrice started volunteering with the ISCBC in 2021, and is now mentoring volunteers as the Campbell River/Courtenay Youth Coordinator.  

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you experience the nature around you? 

I have always felt a deep connection to the natural world. Growing up on a lake surrounded by forests, in the summers I ran barefoot observing wildlife, and explored life underwater. The outdoors were my home. Continuing my love for the environment, I pursued my honors degree in Ecological Restoration at Trent University, conducting aquatic field research over three summers. This set me on a path of traveling and working throughout Canada and New Zealand – from working with endangered Vancouver Island marmots, to working as a park ranger in National Parks. I am passionate about conscious and soulful living, ecological sustainability and regenerative practices, intentional minimalism and zero waste, and most significantly, community stewardship. My favourite activites are rock climbing, backpacking trips, yoga and mountain biking. I also really enjoy reading, podcasts, plant pressing, journaling, and crocheting.  

What inspired you to take action? 

What I love most about volunteering is being around like-minded people, sharing the same energy and passion for making a positive difference, and supporting one another through community stewardship. You never know what you will learn, or who you will meet volunteering. It is always a valuable and enriching experience. What inspired me to take action is my passion for protecting and enhancing biodviersity and habitat. Much of it has been lost or degraded, and I want to do what I can to help restore and heal the land. When nature is healthy and thriving, we are too. 

What would you say to a potential volunteer?

In my personal experience, volunteering has helped me in so many ways I never anticipated. You gain incredible connections – not just professional ones but life long friendships. You also gain hands on skills, expand your knowledge, and experience something new and different. There is always a positive take away when you volunteer. So step outside your comfort zone, make a difference and see what follows.  

What is something you have learned about yourself through volunteering? 

I always feel recharged and hopeful because I am doing work I am passionate about with like-minded inviduals. We are together for a common goal or interest: to grow our connection with the land, one another, and within ourselves through stewardship.  

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