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Volunteer Spotlight: Joey Egeland

Joey tackles invasive plants at Kenna Cartwright Park, Kamloops BC

Published: June 24, 2021 

Joey Egeland is 21 year-old student and has been volunteering with the Kamloops youth team since July 2019. Joey is passionate about preventing the spread of invasive species and in his spare time enjoys participating in weed pulls and managing habitat stewardship projects.  

What do you like about volunteering and what inspired you to take action?
What I like the most about volunteering is getting outside and making a difference in our local ecosystems. I was inspired to take action when I realized just how big of an impact invasive species can make on the environment.

What volunteer activities have you been involved in?
Some of the volunteer activities I have been a part of include weed pulls in a couple of different locations, mapping invasive species within the BC Wildlife Park and participating in learning activities including a nature walk at Riverside Park to learn how to identify invasive and native plant species and learning about conflict resolution.

Rivers Trail, a nature walk in Kamloops BC

What would you say to a potential volunteer?
I would say to a potential volunteer that volunteering for ISCBC gives you access to many opportunities such as access to webinars, networking opportunities and learning opportunities that can build your resume. It is also a great opportunity to give back to your community while spending time outside. ISCBC is a great organization to volunteer for. 

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