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Putting Giant Hogweed in the Spotlight  

Giant hogweed. Credit: B. Brown

By Alex Mutch| June 18, 2024

Sometimes the scale and severity of issues caused by invasive species can be difficult to comprehend. But the more aware people are, the more they can help. Putting these issues into context is a passion for our next youth. 

Sarina Mohammadi. Credit: S. Mohammadi

Meet Sarina Mohammadi, a 15-year-old environmental enthusiast, with fresh ideas for sharing invasive species information. Sarina’s introduction to invasive species began as a member of the Canadian Council on Invasives Species (CCIS) Youth Nature Keepers (YNK) program. She used the opportunity to learn about and raise awareness of a major invasive plant, giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum). Sarina was shocked to learn of the plant’s negative effects on both the environment and human health and felt compelled to share this information with others. 

Giant hogweed. Credit: J. Hallworth

Seeking a role with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC), Sarina found her place as the Science Communication Content Creator for the Council. In this role, she focuses on researching invasive plants, creating user-friendly media to highlight identification and management techniques. 

Sarina felt there was previously a gap in this information, and she wanted to fill the niche. 

“Many people are aware of invasive species and their negative impacts. The problem is the lack of resources to manage and remove them,” she said. “It’s like knowing where you want to go but not having directions.” 

Sarina prioritizes educating others on identifying and managing invasive plants, empowering individuals to act rather than simply report. Sarina continues to share her passion, developing more public resources to raise awareness and provide safe management techniques. Sarina’s current project is creating reel videos featuring invasive plants. Her work will soon be shared with several environmental organizations across Canada.  

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Alex Mutch is a youth engagement coordinator at ISCBC. He values inclusivity and strives to create equitable and inviting environments in all the communities he is a part of. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, reading, and solving Rubik’s cubes. You can reach Alex at