Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Date: February 28 - March 4, 2022

European green crab, mottled morphology. Credit: Kate Bimrose, NOAA

Published February 22, 2022

Join us in celebrating National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) this February 28- March 4, 2022! The international event raises awareness about invasive species, their impacts on our natural habitats and what we can do to prevent their spread.

Everyone can help spread awareness on invasive species during NISAW! Here are some ideas for how you can easily take part:

NISAW Events: Learn About Emerging Invasive Species Issues

As hosts of NISAW, the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) is offering a series of webinars on emerging invasive species issues. Check out our Events page to explore the topics and register today!

Did You Know May is Invasive Species Action Month?

Each year, the Province of British Columbia proclaims May as Invasive Species Action Month (ISAM) to raise awareness of invasive species and encourage the public to take action. We encourage organizations, governments and individuals to share information and plan events to engage British Columbians and inspire our communities to take action on invasive species throughout the month of May! Mark your calendar and get ready for ISAM!