Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

ISCBC’s Japanese beetle outreach team in action

As you may know, the Japanese beetle made its unwelcome arrival in Vancouver, BC in summer 2017. Since then ISCBC has been working with a group of partners to help stop its spread and eradicate the Japanese beetle.  

Japanese beetles can really damage landscape plants, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetable gardens, nurseries, orchards, and agricultural crops. Japanese beetle larvae feed on the roots of turf and other grasses. Adults are heavy feeders, attacking the flowers, leaves and fruit of plants. Due to their chosen diet, things we take for granted including our grassy lawns, golf courses, flower beds, parks and locally grown produce are at risk! . 

Marley and Diane are installing “shelf talkers” at retailers which sell gardening equipment to help raise awareness of Japanese beetles and how to help stop their spread. 

We have created stickers for beetle traps to encourage everyone to report any suspect Japanese beetles  

In Vancouver, adult Japanese beetles can be spotted from early summer when they first emerge until the end of their flight season lasting into October. To coincide with Japanese beetle activity, ISCBC has started Japanese beetle outreach for the 2020 beetle season. Look out for ISCBC’s Japanese beetle ambassadors, Diane and Marley, who are working across Vancouver as part of ISCBC’s Japanese beetle education and outreach program which supports eradication efforts.   

Diane and Marley are helping distribute the awareness stickers and shelf talkers to retailers across Vancouver. 

If you live in downtown Vancouver, you can play your part in a number of ways: 

  1. Watch out and report all suspect Japanese beetles to CFIA. Try to include a photo along with the location, date and time.  
  2. Don’t accidentally move Japanese beetles in your garden waste. A Temporary Transfer Station has been opened in the False Creek area for Vancouver homeowners and landscapers to drop off green waste and small amounts of soil.  
  3. Spread the word! Tell your friends how they can help stop the spread of Japanese beetle, share our posts on social media and forward this article to your Vancouver friends and family.     

Learn more about Japanese beetle.