Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Eastern Ratsnake Spotted in Coquitlam; Observe and Report!

Published Sep 10, 2021

Help protect BC’s biodiversity by keeping your eyes open for animals or plants that may seem out of place. On Sep 4, Gavin Hanke observed and reported an Eastern ratsnake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis) in Coquitlam River Park using the iNaturalist app on his smartphone. This snake originates from eastern states in the US and is not meant to be on the loose in BC. Please observe and report if you see this snake in the Coquitlam area.  

This snake likes to bask in the sun in the mornings and is a good climber, so it may be found up a tree. The Eastern ratsnake is not venomous and if approached, it will generally coil up and stay quiet. However, it may bite if threatened. 

This snake was probably a pet that escaped or was let loose. Escaped pets can damage ecosystems and reduce the biodiversity of your local area. Read more about Don’t Let it Loose and how to stop the spread of invasive species.