Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Volunteer Spotlight: Yilin Wang

July 25th, 2022

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you experience the nature around you?

I am a first generation immigrant having lived in BC for the last 10 years. Hiking and gardening are some of my favourite pastimes, giving me the opportunity to interact with the ecosystem and a variety of plants present in BC. What I find truly remarkable is the fact that even in such an urbanized city as Vancouver, you will never be far from a good hike or forest trail. I cannot imagine living anywhere else without the sheer abundance of nature available to me in BC.  

What do you like about volunteering and what inspired you to take action?

Volunteering is all about the people. The community, connections, and support is what makes a good organization. Everyone you meet will be positive and are all eager to be there. My love for the environment and the need for volunteering hours led me to start taking action, but the community of like-minded naturalists and a chance to make a difference is what made me stay. 

What would you say to a potential volunteer? 

I would tell them to take a leap of faith. Stepping outside your comfort zone is a difficult but rewarding challenge, especially in volunteering, but when there is really no downside to taking action, why not take a leap of faith and try something new? 

If you could choose to have one invasive species eradicated forever, which would it be and why? 

If I could eradicate one species, I would certainly choose English ivy. Though it is a easy invasive to remove, it is prolific and uncontainable. And whereas the Himalayan blackberry redeems itself through its delicious fruit, English ivy contributes little in my opinion. It merely functions to strangle our native trees and undergrowth. I hope in the future, people will find a way to utilize this invasive species and perhaps incentivize its removal beyond just conservation efforts. 

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