Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Community Spotlight: Sky Jarvis

Published January 26, 2021

Sky Jarvis began volunteering with the ISCBC youth network in 2021. She has a strong passion for the conservation of biodiversity and protection of the natural world around us. As part of the community science “GREENing the Holiday Season” activity, Sky explored ways to harness her creativity, reduce waste and learn about the natural environment! The materials for the activity were collected at the Community Forest where she works. Sky created beautiful live-edge tealight holders, incorporating branches and bark from native trees (Spruce, Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, Birch and Cottonwood) and re-purposed burlap and ribbons.

Invasive-wise GREEN holiday decor created by Sky

Tell us about how you got involved with ISCBC and the Community Science network!

I became involved with ISCBC at the start of this year/late last year. I have attended a wide range of events, such as the Essential Skills course with EcoCanada, weed pulling events hosted by Youth Coordinator Katelyn here in Kamloops, and online webinars, bioblitz and other smaller activities! I was part of the social media strategy committee for a bit earlier this year too. I just got a letter that I reached 120 volunteer hours this year, woohoo!

What drives your passion for BC’s biodiversity?

Ever since I was a child, I have always been interested in nature, from catching frogs and snakes, to fishing and duck hunting with my father. I got the privilege of seeing many parts of western Canada and getting to grow up camping in nature. This gave me a passion to work in the natural resource field in order to protect and conserve biodiversity. I am currently working for a community forest outside Kamloops where I help with monitoring, data collection, public education/outreach, and hope to contribute to more sustainable land-use practices from inside the forestry industry. I love birding, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing in my spare time. Nature and wildlife viewing are great recreational activities that bring me joy and comfort. We share this planet with so many beautiful and diverse plants, animals and fungi.

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