B.C. hunters given the okay to shoot feral pigs anywhere

It is now legal for licensed hunters to harvest feral pigs anywhere in B.C. In a news release issued this morning, the B.C. ministry of forests and lands says feral pigs are invasive animals that have escaped farms and established themselves in the wild.

While there aren’t that many, the release notes, they can cause damage to local ecosystems by competing

with local wildlife for forage, damaging crops and eating the eggs of ground nesting birds.

The ministry also warns that feral pigs can be the source of infectious diseases and parasites that can be harmful to

wildlife, livestock and human health.

The escaped swine have been reported in the Lower Mainland, Kamloops, Okanagan, Peace and Kootenay Regions, the release added, warning that “once established feral pigs are extremely hard to eradicate.”

Feral pigs have been designated a Schedule C invasive species. Also added to the Schedule C list today are European wall lizards and non-native turtles, removing the requirement to obtain a permit before trapping or killing these invasive species.

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