Release of provincial Invasive Plant Core Ranking Process Announced

IPCBC News Release, April 4, 2011: WILLIAMS LAKE—The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), and Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia (IPCBC) have partnered on the development and release of an innovative BC Invasive Plant Core Ranking Process that will help land managers make effective invasive plant management decisions.

Invasive plants threaten BC’s environment, economy and society, and require coordinated actions at the community level to reduce their impacts and management costs. The Invasive Plant Core Ranking Process is intended to assist land managers in the identification of invasive plants that should be actively managed and/or monitored. This Ranking Process helps ensure effective control and/or eradication of invasive plants while allocating resources appropriately and promoting coordination across the province.

“There are numerous invasive plant species in BC and they impact our resources to varying degrees. Land managers are constantly trying to focus their limited time and money on those invasive species that are the greatest threat,” said Val Miller, Provincial Invasive Plant Officer with the MFLNRO. “The completion of the BC Core Ranking Process provides a tool to help land managers make those decisions.”
The Ranking Process generates a relative ranking that is replicable within a specific land base, and will help land managers identify the top three, five, or 10 species for management based on available resources. The process ranks up to five invasive plant species at a time, and categorizes them based on their biology, ecology, impact, and management potential. 

This tool is useful for provincial, regional, or individual land parcels, but is most applicable at the regional scale, such as regional districts, invasive plant committee regions or regions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, and MFLRNRO.

The Invasive Plant Core Ranking Process and further information is accessible from:  

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The IPCBC is a grassroots, non-profit charity working collaboratively to build cooperation and coordination of invasive species management in BC. The IPCBC coordinates workshops, activities, and events to educate the public and professionals about invasive species and their potential risks. 

The IPCBC has grown rapidly since its inception in 2004. Initiated and mentored under the vision of the Fraser Basin Council, the Invasive Plant Council of BC is recognized across the country for its leadership in building collaboration to the challenging problem of invasive species. 
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