Invasive Plant

Hoary Alyssum

Beteroa incana
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Toxic to horses. Be cautious of Hoary alyssum if you have horses on your property, or you have hay crops. Once this plant gets into the hay, it can cause serious harm to the horses that consume it.

About This Species

Hoary alyssum prefers dry, disturbed sites such as roadsides, rail embankments, and rangelands. Hoary alyssum spreads quickly through a long season of seed production. Seeds are dispersed by vehicles, equipment, footwear, wildlife, and birds. It can also contaminate hay and is considered a noxious weed in the Kootenay-Boundary region.

How to Identify

Hoary alyssum is upright to 0.7 m tall and has small white flowers with deeply notched petals. The entire plant is covered in star-shaped hairs. Leaves are greenish grey in color and clasp closely to the stem. Oval seedpods are 5-8 mm long, somewhat flattened, and held close to the stem.

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