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Italian wall lizard

Podarcis siculus

About This Species

Italian wall lizards (Ruin lizard) are native to South-Central Europe. They are not yet established in BC, but have been seen in the Lower Mainland in 2019. It is unknown if this individual was simply a stowaway or if a population persists in this area. 

Italian wall lizards thrive in habitats that have been disturbed by human activity and may be found basking in the full sun on rocks, tree trunks, fences or brick walls. They may outcompete our native lizard for food and habitat. Italian wall lizards are designated as a Prevent species by the BC Provincial Priority Invasive Species List. 

How to Identify

Italian wall lizards look similar to the invasive European wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) but can be distinguished by the solid green stripes running along the sides of the body and the row of dark brown spots running down the middle of the back and on the sides underneath the solid green stripes. 

Take Action

Do not possess, breed, release, sell, or transport live Italian wall lizards in BC.

Don't Let it Loose

Don't Let It Loose

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Invasive species are plants, animals or other organisms that are not native to BC, and have serious impacts on our environment, economy and society. Never release your plants and animals into the wild or dump aquariums or water garden debris into rivers, streams, lakes or storm sewers!


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