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Learn from invasive species researchers and practitioners from across BC and the Pacific Northwest.

Recognizing research as a fundamental component of invasive species management, this page provides access to valuable resources. The Research Road Map for Invasive Species Research in BC outlines key research priorities for the province. Events such as ISCBC’s Invasive Species Research Conferences and Mini-Symposiums facilitate extension of important research topics. Additionally, our newly developed collection of research papers aims to further enhance extension of invasive species research.

Research Collection

Are you interested in invasive species research? Curious about invasive species impacts to Species at Risk? Seeking information to inform a new project?

Check out our collection of invasive species research from across BC and the Pacific Northwest!


A Road Map for Invasive Species Research in BC” (the Road Map) is an ever-evolving guide created by ISCBC in collaboration with invasive species researchers and practitioners through financial support from the Province of British Columbia.

The latest edition of the Road Map was produced in 2020. The Road Map shares current knowledge and identifies research needs with funders and other invasive species experts across the province, as well as fostering collaboration to prevent and mitigate negative environmental, economic, cultural and social impacts from invasive species.

The Road Map lays out six research themes with corresponding research priorities and indicators of success, identified as key to determining future needs and priorities for invasive species research relevant to BC. The Road Map will continue to be reviewed and updated based on input from future Invasive Species Research Conferences.


The Invasive Species Research Conference is typically convened by ISCBC every three years. In 2020, the conference was postponed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In place, the Invasive Species Research Virtual Mini-Symposium was held on August 18, 2020. Stay up to date on future conferences and events in Professional Events.