Invasive Species Council of British Columbia
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Small-panicled bulrush

Scirpus microcarpus

About This Species

Zone 3a BC Native

Grow me instead of Flowering rush

Small-flowered bulrush is a native wetland species requiring moist, poorly drained soils. It resembles a grass but has interesting spiky seed heads in the summer. This species is not considered “showy” but is a very important species supplying food for birds and shelter for amphibians. It is often used in streamside restoration projects. If you are trying to build a native plant garden or support native species, this is a good one to plant.

When selecting non-invasive plants for your garden, be sure to look for those that are suitable for your location, including moisture requirements, hardiness zone, and avoidance of known bear attractants among other factors.

Moisture Requirements


Consistently moist or wet conditions