Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Webinar now available: Invasive Species in the Scott Islands

Native species: Tufted puffin and Common murres, David Bradley

Published: March 25, 2021

Invasives in the Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area – Current Status and Future Directions

Overview: The Scott Islands Marine National Wildlife Area covers 11,546 square kilometers of entirely marine environment located off the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Invasive species such as rodents, mustelids and raccoons are one of the most pressing threats to the millions of seabirds that breed on the Scott Islands. In this webinar, David Bradley of Birds Canada summarized the current status of seabird populations on the Scott Islands, the invasive species present on the islands and the efforts underway to prevent future spread of invasive mammals to the Scott Islands.

About the presenter: David Bradley is the Director of the BC office for Birds Canada, where he manages various outreach and citizen science projects. He is particularly involved in several invasive species projects in Haida Gwaii, the North Coast and the Scott Islands.

This webinar is now available in the Webinar Gallery.