Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

NATS Nursery Sponsors INVASIVES2023 Forum

Rhodo mac. and Chorus frog. Photo credit Jennifer Adhika

February 28, 2023

There’s a lot of excitement building as INVASIVES 2023 kicks off. This is ISCBC’s first in-person forum since 2020, and staff are eager to host the 18th Annual Forum in New Westminster, BC February 28th – March 1st, 2023.

The success of an event like this depends heavily on the generous support of our sponsors, and ISCBC is incredibly thankful to our Take Action Sponsor: NATS Nursery!

Jennifer Adhika is NATS Nursery’s Special Project Coordinator. She has many duties, but primarily works on large restoration seedling contract growing orders. From quoting to arranging shipping, Jennifer ensures site-specific native seeds are sent to a Native Seed Bank, grown, and harvested for shipping to customers’ planting sites. Most of these site-specific plant orders – using locally adapted native species – will be planted to revegetate disturbed lands.

Native Aster and pollinator. Photo credit: Jennifer Adhika

Being an environmentally responsible grower is part of the NATS Nursery mission statement: ‘We are ambassadors of sustainability striving to set an example for environmentally responsible growing processes and practices. Our desire is to help people find the right plant for the right place, and to share our personal passion for plants and improving the world we live in!’

Preventing further invasions of invasive plants is important to NATS Nursery. As a PlantWise partner of ISCBC, they are commited being PlantWise by educating consumers and providing alternatives to grow instead

“Being in the horticultural industry, we know there are very serious invasive plants causing harm to the landscape. Many of these invasive plants originate from nurseries. We want to be part of the solution by providing native plants as alternatives!” said Jennifer. “Our team is committed to not only refusing to grow and sell invasive plants, but also educating our clients and customers on which plants are invasive, and suitable alternatives.

New tree seedlings. Photo credit: Jennifer Adhika

Sponsoring INVASIVES2023 was a natural fit for NATS Nursery.

“NATS Nursery has had a long-standing relationship with the Invavise Species Council of BC! As the largest native plant nursery in BC, we want to support causes that align with our value of ‘right plant, right place.’ Invasive plants are being removed because they are in the wrong place, and native plants should be planted to revegetate these areas,” said Jennifer.

“Everyone should Take Action against invasive species because we can all make a difference to better our environment and ecosystems! Whether it is reporting, removing, or educating others about invasive plants, each action brings us one step closer to restored habitats!”

While at INVASIVES2023 stop by the NATS Nursery sponsor’s table. They are always happy to network and, of course, chat about plants!

Thank you, NATS Nursery!