Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Virtual Workshop: Japanese Beetle Challenges and Responses

Japanese Beetle Ambassadors, Tenne Andersen and Janelle Bode

ISCBC’s Japanese Beetle Ambassadors Tenne Andersen and Janelle Bode presented at a virtual workshop on August 19, 2021, exploring the invasive Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica), impacts to BC’s ecosystems and the current response. With strong collaboration between multiple agencies, the Japanese beetle program is progressing towards the goal of zero beetles in the areas in which it has been unintentionally introduced. Attendees learned about this unique beetle, including Japanese beetle biology, lifecycle and impact on the environment and the efforts to control it, as well as a few other newly detected insect invaders in the Lower Mainland.

This workshop was hosted by the Stanley Park Ecology Society. Donations for a workshop ticket were split between ISCBC and Stanley Park Ecology Society.