Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Invasive species on the Transportation Association of Canada’s agenda

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a not-for-profit, national technical association that focusses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation.  The TAC provides a neutral forum for members to share ideas and build knowledge around transportation issues and challenges.

The TAC’s Annual Conference & Exhibition  brings together over 1,000 leaders and influencers from municipalities, provincial/territorial transport departments, academia, and the private sector.  This year’s TAC’s conference will be held online from September 21 to October 8 and will feature invasive species on the agenda. There are numerous pathways of introduction and vectors of spread for invasive plants. Recently, there has been more evidence linking highway rights-of-way activities to key pathways of introduction and vectors of spread.

Sue Staniforth,  ISCBC’s Education and Outreach manager, is presenting in the environmental session Invasion Collaboration: Working Together to Combat Invasive Species, taking place on October 7. Sue’s presentation, Transportation and invasive plants: best management practices for preventing their spread, speaks to mitigating spread of invasive species in the transportation industry. By implementing best management practices (BMPS) and enforcing invasive plant regulations, the transportation industry can play an integral role reducing the environmental, economic and social impacts of invasive plants. The presentation will review the variety of existing initiatives throughout BC and Canada aimed at supporting the transportation industry by providing training on the BMPs to avoid the introduction and spread of invasive plants.

Download ISCBC’s Best Practices for Managing Invasive Species on Roadsides

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