Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Call for Year Three Clean Drain Dry Partners

WILLIAMS LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, February 4, 2020 – Following two years of successful pilot program partnerships, the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is now accepting partners for the Clean Drain Dry (CDD) project’s third and final pilot year. This multi-year program is designed to increase public awareness and prompt action to prevent the establishment and spread of aquatic invasive species in BC.

From now until May 2020, ISCBC is inviting groups and organizations to apply to become partners to help stop the spread of invasive aquatic species. Over the first two years of the pilot program, ISCBC worked with over 60 partners across the province, ranging from local stewardship groups, conservation organizations, municipalities, provincial and federal governmental agencies, regional invasive species organizations, Indigenous communities, ports, marinas, yacht clubs, resorts and campgrounds. The diverse range of partners helped to elevate and extend the profile and importance of the CDD program and raised awareness throughout BC.

ISCBC welcomes all interested groups to apply to partner with ISCBC to receive and extend Clean Drain Dry program resources and messaging to stop the spread of harmful aquatic invasive species in BC waterbodies. As a partner, groups and organizations will receive free signage for installation at approved lakes as well as key resources to share with the public to further communicate the importance of undertaking CDD activities for the health of our lakes and rivers.

All organizations and groups interested in partnering can apply for signage and resources by filling out a short online application found here.  For more information on CDD please visit the Clean Drain Dry section.  

About the Clean Drain Dry program in B.C.:

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is pleased to work in partnership with the Invasive Species Council of BC, with funding from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, in launching the Clean Drain Dry program in BC, as the foundation for a national program. The project aims to encourage boaters and aquatic recreationists, who play a critical role in protecting local watersheds from invasive species, to Clean, Drain, and Dry all boats and equipment. Over a three-year pilot term, resources, signage and a social and digital media campaign will be designed to shift the behaviour of boaters and aquatic recreationists to encourage the practice of Clean, Drain and Dry.

About the Invasive Species Council of B.C.:

ISCBC is dedicated to keeping our landscapes and communities free of invasive species. It provides a coordinated, province-wide approach to reducing the impact of invasive species in B.C. ISCBC unites efforts across the province and collaborates with a variety of partners to develop unique solutions for the wide variety of ecosystems across B.C.

About the Canadian Council on Invasive Species:

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species works collaboratively across jurisdictional boundaries to support actions and information that can help reduce the threat and impacts of invasive species. Invasive species councils, committees, and coalitions representing provinces and territories across Canada established this federal society to work together to reduce the impact of invasive species across the country.

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