Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

Celebrating Leaders in Invasive Species Prevention and Management

Published: March 8, 2021

The Invasive Species Council of BC would like to congratulate the 2021 Together in Action Award recipients, presented at INVASIVES 2021, the Invasive Species Council of BC’s Virtual Forum and AGM.

Each year, ISCBC celebrates individuals and organizations throughout the province who have excelled in their efforts to help stop the spread of invasive species. The Together in Action Award recipients are recognized for their innovation and leadership in invasive species prevention and management in BC. This year ISCBC was delighted to recognize two individuals for their contribution to the prevention and management of invasive species in BC.

The Together in Action Student Leadership Award was presented to John Kang of Victoria. John is a student at the University of Victoria where he has coordinated several weed pulls and secured funding for the protection of Garry Oak Meadows. John started volunteering with ISCBC in 2020. At the time of his award, John had dedicated 320 hours of community service to local invasive species removal and habitat improvement.

John Kang on site with invasive English ivy

The Together in Action Innovation and Leadership award was presented to Conway Lum of Burnaby, BC. Conway has been passionate for years in the fight against invasive species, including European fire ant, Chafer beetle and Japanese beetle. He is a strong advocate for the horticulture industry and proactive in public outreach to help create awareness and stop the spread of invasive species.

Most recently, as a resident in the Japanese Beetle Regulated Area, Conrad has taken on the responsibility of monitoring and reporting the status of beetle traps to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and others. As a volunteer, he regularly reports on missing or damaged traps, which enables governments to take action to replace traps and ensure sound surveillance.

“The Together in Action Awards celebrate innovative leaders in British Columbia who ‘go over and beyond’ to help protect BC’s lands and waters from  invasive species. With the support of Nat’s Nursey, the 2021 Recipients (John Kang, Conway Lum) are recognized for their passion, commitment and hard work in protecting BC’s healthy communities and landscapes in BC” says Gail Wallin, Executive Director with ISCBC.

ISCBC wishes to extend gratitude and thanks to each of the 2021 Together in Action award nominees and recipients for their contributions towards invasive species management and prevention in BC.