Japanese beetle is in Vancouver

You can help stop the spread! learn more »

June 27 Webinar

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Parrot's Feather

A popular aquatic garden plant that spreads with water currents, animals, boats/trailers and fishing gear. Dense stands can stagnate water, and increase breeding grounds for mosquitoes learn more »

Zebra/Quagga Mussels

These tiny freshwater mussels clog drains, damage infrastructure, and are very costly to control/eradicate learn more »

Giant Hogweed

A towering toxic invasive plant with WorkSafe BC regulations learn more »

European Fire Ant

A tiny ant with a toxic sting learn more »

Purple Loosestrife

An aggressive wetland invader that threatens plant and animal diversity learn more »

Orange Hawkweed

Also yellow, these invasive plants replace native vegetation along roadsides, and threaten areas not yet reforested learn more »

Japanese Knotweed

Grows aggressively through concrete, impacting roads and house foundations learn more »

Spotted Knapweed

A single plant spreads rapidly with up to 140,000 seeds per square metre learn more »

Scotch Broom

An evergreen shrub that invades rangelands, replaces forage plants, causes allergies in people, and is a serious competitor to conifer seedlings learn more »


May 2018 is Invasive Species Action Month!

This May, We're Asking You to Take Action on Invasive Species Across BC! 

May has been officially proclaimed Invasive Species Action Month in BC.You can help prevent the introduction and spread of harmful invasive species in our communities. There are many ways to take action against invasive species and make a difference - at home, in the garden, at work, on vacation and with your pets and aquariums.

May 2018 - What’s in my Back Yard? Photo Contest

Throughout May 2018, during Invasive Species Action Month, we challenge you to enter the "What's in my Back Yard?" Photo Contest. Taking part is simple and you could win up to $350 for your group. Read more!

May 15, 2018 Webinar: BC Government Update on the Invasive Mussel Defence Program

Watch this Invasive Species Action Month webinar with Martina Beck to learn about the 2018 BC Invasive Mussel Defence Program prevention activities including watercraft inspection stations, provincial plans for monitoring invasive mussels and reminding boaters and anglers what they can do this summer to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

May 24, 2018 Webinar: Don’t Let it Loose - a Tale of Two Species: American bullfrogs and Goldfish

We encourage all pet and aquarium owners to practice Don't Let it Loose. Join this webinar and learn why it's so important not to release pets into the wild through two case studies: American bullfrogs in the Central Kootenay and Kootenay Boundary region and Goldfish in Whistler Resort Municipality. Learn about the efforts to eradicate these two invasive species and why prevention is so much better than cure - Don't Let it Loose!

May 30, 2018 Webinar: CFIA’s Firewood Regulation and Outreach Program

Join this webinar to learn about the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's regulations on firewood, why they are needed and what is being done to educate members of the public about the risks involved in moving firewood.

100in1Day 2018 Williams Lake - May Events and June 2 Festival

100in1Day is back in Canada for its biggest year yet! 100in1Day is part of a global initiative to inspire communities to activate 100 resident-led innovative ideas in one day to make their city a better place to live! This year, 12 cities across Canada have been selected, each bringing a unique set of ideas to create change. 100in1Day Williams Lake is led by the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC), and will focus on keeping Williams Lake biodiversity vibrant and healthy by stopping invasive species in their tracks! Read more and find out how you can participate.

Highlights of ​​Invasive​ ​Species ​Research​ Conference, Kamloops, BC - June 20 - 22, 2017

The Invasive Species Research Conference, co-hosted by Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and the Invasive Species Council of BC, was held June 20 - 22, 2017 at TRU and featured renowned keynote speakers Dr. Daniel Simberloff and Dr. Anthony Ricciardi; fields trips and both oral and poster sessions on a wide range of invasive species research themes. 

Adopt a Highway Training Sessions in BC - Ongoing

Adopt-A-Highway volunteer groups in BC can complete invasive plant training, and are given the option to hand-pull non-toxic invasive plants along their adopted area, in conjunction with litter pickup activities. The ISCBC supports the provincial roll out of training for Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) groups, thanks to a partnership with the Ministry of Transportation.Timing is fleixble. Contact us for more information.