Invasive Plant

Hoary cress

Cardaria draba

About This Species

Also known as “white-top”, Hoary cress is a perennial plant that invades open, sunny areas such as hayfields, meadows, and roadsides. It spreads by roots and seeds and crowds out native vegetation. A single plant can produce 4,800 seeds and can spread up to 3.5 square meters per year. It is considered a noxious weed in parts of BC.

How to Identify

Hoary cress grows from 10- 60 cm tall and has numerous white flowers with 4 petals each. These dense flower clusters give the weed a flat-topped appearance early in the season. Leaves on mature plants are hairy and shaped like arrowheads. Upper leaves on immature plants are typically hairless and clasp the stem. Seed pods are heart shaped.


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Mowing 2-3 times a year for several years may slow the spread and reduce seed production. Mowing should be completed prior to flowering during the budding stage, and repeated when the plants re-develop flower buds.

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