Invasive Plant

Bur Chervil

Anthriscus caucalis

About This Species

Bur chervil is considered a noxious weed throughout BC. It can be found in most growing conditions, particularly in moist areas such as ditches and fields. Bur chervil easily out-grows native vegetation. It gets its name from its “burr” like seeds that easily stick to mammals and birds as well as clothing, shoes, and equipment.

How to Identify

Bur chervil ranges in height from 1 -2 m tall. Clusters of 3-7 small white flowers sit atop 2 cm long stalks. Leaves are fern-like, triangular, and hairy. The seeds are approximately 4 mm long with distinctly hooked prickles.

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Prevent this species from spreading - when leaving an infested site, properly clean your clothes, shoes, and equipment to avoid any seeds attempting to hitch a ride with you.

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