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Are you eager to get outdoors, get active, and get learning? Interested in having a real-world impact on your local community?

Our youth volunteers help to protect BC from new and spreading invasive species, by gaining expert knowledge of our local environment and ecosystem, and by taking meaningful action in the field.

While many of our projects take place in Greater Vancouver, Kamloops, and Williams Lake area, we welcome youth from all across the province to engage with this program. Whether you join us in person or online, you will quickly become an essential contributor to the program by developing resources, growing your knowledge and gaining new skills, exploring your region and preventing the spread of invasives!

Why Volunteer?

Our goal is to support healthy habitats and communities, keeping them free of invasive species. With the support of an ISCBC Facilitator, like-minded youth and young adults form teams. Those teams plan and carry out real-world activities -- on land, in parks and school yards, and in lakes and rivers. You’ll have the chance to get your hands dirty with fieldwork, engage in skill-building workshops, and develop your sense of place through connecting with land and Indigenous ways of knowing.

In addition to fun and memorable adventures, volunteers gain:

  • Practical, hands-on work experience
  • Training in habitat restoration, invasive plant management, leadership, public engagement and more
  • Volunteer/service hours
  • Professional references
  • Rewards (i.e. branded hats, T-shirts, jackets/hoodies, gloves, educational resources such as books, etc.)
  • A safe and inclusive space to feel welcome, supported, and valued
  • The good feeling that comes from protecting B.C.’s natural habitats for future generations to use and enjoy

Volunteer Milestones and Rewards

Volunteers will be able to hit four different milestones to recognize all their hard work and dedication to this program, and to their overall progress towards creating a healthy habitat for all.

Latest News

Williams Lake Volunteers working on the composting project at the Memory Garden

Williams Lake Volunteers working on the composting project at the Memory Garden

Kamloops volunteers removed invasive plants from the BC Wildlife Park this summer

Kamloops volunteers removed invasive plants from the BC Wildlife Park this summer

ISCBC on Social Media

Have you registered for Webinar Wednesday? Join us for Impacts of Invasives in National Parks at noon PT this Wednesday October 21. Registration is limited, secure your spot today! 📸Twin Falls walkway, Yoho National Park

Perennial Sow-thistle (Sonchus arvensis) is invasive to BC. The Perennial sow-thistle uses the same seed dispersal method as dandelions, producing wind-borne seeds that travel far and wide. This invasive is especially damaging as it easily infests agricultural fields. 📸 Matthew Syvenky, ISCBC youth volunteer

It's Webinar Wednesday! It’s officially fall, and time for many people to get outdoors and harvest the bounty of the land. It is important to be aware of invasive species that you may encounter and take actions to ensure you are not spreading them into new, pristine areas!

Today is #WebinarWednesday! Join us for Fall Harvesting and Invasive Species at 12 pm PT. Register at

We're hiring for a Financial & Office Support person to join our dynamic staff team! Check out this and other opportunities at

Future Leaders

Our partners love volunteers. Just ask Nicci Burgunder with Matcon Civil Constructors:  "They're future leaders, they're our future politicians, they're our future project managers", says Nicci. You can get involved in your community and work alongside great partners like Nicci by signing up today! 

Nicci Burgunder of Matcon Civil Constructors on the importance of sharing knowledge with youth.

How is this funded?

Our Youth Volunteer program is generously funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Services Corps program.

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