We work together with a variety of partners to undertake a coordinated, province-wide approach. Thank you to the vital participation and coordination of: 

  • Local, provincial, and federal government
  • BC stakeholders, including regional committees, community organizations and others 
  • BC industry, including: utility, horticulture, forestry, mining, agriculture, transportation, conservation and wildlife, recreation and tourism.

Indigenous Communities

The Indigenous Invasive Species Network (IISN) co-ordinates meetings of and communications between Indigenous Communities and organizations in BC.

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Local Governments

Local governments have an important role and are a critical partner in BC for invasive species management, in a unique position to turn the tide of the impacts of invasive species within their jurisdictions. Thankfully, in BC, there are many levels of partners and growing resources to address invasive species issues. This section provides important information, tools and networking for local governments in BC to become increasingly successful in this important work.

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Provincial Government

A cross-agency provincial government committee formed in 2005 called the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group (IMISWG). Read more...

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Regional Organizations

The management of invasive species continues to improve, thanks to the dedication, passion, and hard work of independent, regional invasive species organizations across BC. 

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Canadian Council on Invasive Species

Invasive species councils, committees, and coalitions representing the majority of provinces and territories in Canada have established as a federal society to work together to reduce the impact of invasive species across the country.

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