Become a PlantWise Ambassador

Become a PlantWise Ambassador

We invite you to become a PlantWise Ambassador and help deliver the message in your community. While everyone is encouraged to learn more about PlantWise and explore the program materials, please note that the Ambassador program is intended for stewardship groups and other community organizations.

The PlantWise Program is designed to prevent the introduction and spread of horticulturally invasive plants through common pathways—such as through the growing, selling, improper disposal, purchasing, trading, transporting or gifting of invasive plants. PlantWise Ambassadors spread the PlantWise message at a local and/or provincial level, and encourage responsible behaviour among plant growers, sellers and buyers to be PlantWise when choosing and utilizing plants—making a key contribution to the protection of BC’s environment, society, economy and human/animal health. 

You can become a PlantWise Ambassador in a few easy steps: 

STEP 1: Review the 2016 Changing Behaviour Ambassador Program document 
The 2016 Changing Behaviour Ambassador Program document contains all the information needed to become a PlantWise Ambassador, including an overview of key roles, collecting commitments, available resources, free webinars and reporting tools. If you have been a PW Ambassador in the past, you will notice some changes to the program, as the ISCBC has updated the program to reflect the needs of all partners. Anyone in your organization who will be handling/conveying PlantWise' messaging, resources and data/commitment collection should review the package and webinars to ensure that the delivered PW messaging is consistent across BC.

STEP 2: Express your interest
Contact our PlantWise Manager, Danielle Toperczer, to express your interest in the PlantWise program. We will work with you to help support your goals and needs.

STEP 3: Complete training
​Online webinar program training is provided for anyone who wishes to partake in program delivery; however, it is not considered an annual Ambassador requirement, provided the training has already been completed. For any new staff (seasonal or otherwise) that will be delivering any of the Changing Behaviour messaging, it is expected that they will complete webinar training prior to delivery. 

STEP 4: Resources
PlantWise resources are free for downloading and printing from this website:



If you have questions or feedback to provide, please don't hesitate to contact Danielle Toperczer: | (250) 503-1588

Thank you for partnering with ISCBC – Together we are making a difference!

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