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Connect and collaborate with fellow invasive species researchers and practitioners from across the Pacific Northwest. 

The Invasive Species Research Hub has been developed to foster connections, align research efforts and facilitate communication and collaboration within the invasive species community in the Pacific Northwest.  Membership of the Invasive Species Research Hub is free of charge. Registered members can post their profile - as a researcher, practitioner, or both - and search for other members across a variety of fields. Members can also directly connect with other members and start online discussions on invasive species research-related topics. The hub was developed under the direction of the Research Advisory Committee with funding from the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

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The Research Hub features a searchable database of invasive species experts and practitioners located across the Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana). Membership is free and members can browse and connect with other members on potential research collaboration on research or sharing of information and ideas in the prevention and management of invasive species. Members can also lead and participate in discussions on invasive species research-related discussions through the online platform Slack. The Hub also houses useful resources and members can subscribe to the Research e-newsletter ato receive updates on invasive species-related research, events and funding opportunities.

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Create your profile on the Research Hub to facilitate making connections with fellow researchers and practitioners. In your profile, you can choose the designation or researcher, practitioner or both. Populate your profile with information on your areas of expertise, species, taxonomies and more.

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Research Hub members are invited to connect, chat and collaborate on invasive species topics via Slack, a secure multi-platform application for web, desktop and mobile apps.  Slack offers real-time messaging, file and screen sharing for invited members. Slack also features a searchable archive, video and voice calling platform. Communication in Slack occurs via topics called “Channels” that members can create, contribute to and follow.

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News & Events

April - May 2019 - Yellow Flag Iris Control & Wetland Restoration Technology Transfer Workshops

After five years of yellow flag iris control and native wetland restoration Agrowest ais pleased to share some tools for success at a series of free half-day workshops on “Yellow Flag Iris Control & Wetland Restoration Technology Transfer”, with financial assistance from Environment and Climate Change Canada and Wildlife Habitat Canada. Participants will be taught the latest control methods for successful eradication of Yellow flag iris. Register today for the workshop nearest you!


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