Paddlers can play their part to protect Canadian waters

Paddlers across the province are helping protect British Columbia’s waters from harmful invasive species. From ocean kayakers to canoeists, all paddlers can help BC waters by taking a few minutes to Clean Drain Dry their watercraft and gear.

BC offers some incredible opportunities for residential and touring paddlers however the accidental movement of invasive species between waterbodies can cause serious problems affecting BC’s water’s, tourism opportunities and even human health. By practicing Clean Drain Dry, paddlers can help preserve BC’s lakes, rivers and streams and help to support the recreational industry and healthy communities for years to come.

Aquatic invasive species include plants, fish, mollusks, animals and pathogens. One example is Eurasian watermilfoil, an aquatic plant which grows in thick mats. This species can harm fish, be dangerous to swimmers and prevent access to water. Aquatic invaders spread easily as they can be small and hard to spot and can cling tightly to hard surfaces, surviving for long distances. The best way paddlers can avoid moving aquatic invaders is to Clean, Drain and Dry watercrafts and all gear before leaving a body of water.

There are three simple steps to ensure paddlers do not bring unwanted invasive species to BC’s lakes, rivers and streams, which is easy to perform as you leave a body of water.

Clean plants, animals and mud from your boat and gear   

Drain all water from your boat and gear onto land  

Dry all parts of your boat and gear completely  

By taking a few minutes to Clean Drain Dry boats and gear today, paddlers can help guarantee enjoyment of BC’s waters for future generations of paddleboarders, canoeists and kayakers.

For more information, watch for Clean Drain Dry resources and information at waterways near you! The Clean Drain Dry pilot initiative is lead through the Invasive Species Council of BC with funding by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and under contract to the Canadian Council on Invasive Species.

To learn more about provincial regulations, programs concerning invasive species and the Clean Drain Dry program, visit

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