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Whether you’re an experienced gardener or landscaper, or just getting started on your plant list, we have a number of resources to help you make the right choices when planning and maintaining a home garden.

Our PlantWise program provides gardeners with the detailed information and encouragement to make responsible plant purchases. By becoming a PlantWise ambassador or partner, you can help support the horticulture industry’s transition to becoming invasive-free.

We encourage gardeners to take as many of the following steps as possible:

1. Learn to recognize the plants you see in the garden. If you’re unsure about a creature or plant you don’t recognize you can:

2. Choose plants wisely using information from our PlantWise program, including the popular Grow Me Instead booklet that illustrates 26 of BC's most 'unwanted' invasive plants in horticulture along with non-invasive alternatives. 

3. Prevention:

  • Help discourage invasive plant species from reproducing by cutting (deadheading) flowers, seedpods and berries of invasive plants.
  • Participate in local efforts to control invasive plants such as a community weed pull.
  • Avoid recycling or composting garden debris as this can help continue the spread of invasive species. All seeds and other plant parts (including stems and roots) from invasive plants should be wrapped in garbage bags for disposal at your local landfill. Contact your local municapality for more information on invasive plant disposal, as many regions have different abilities and programs that may help.  

4. Take Action! Enhance our efforts by becoming an ISCBC member, joining your Regional Committee or making a donation to ISCBC.

5. Resources: Take advantage of the wealth of information such as brochures, TIPS sheets, posters and other materials available in our Resources section. If we don’t have the information you need, try one of our partner organizations.

Thank you for being PlantWise.

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