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Local governments have an important role and are a critical partner in BC for invasive species management, in a unique position to turn the tide of the impacts of invasive species within their jurisdictions. Thankfully, in BC, there are many levels of partners and growing resources to address invasive species issues. This section provides important information, tools and networking for local governments in BC to become increasingly successful in this important work.

Invasive Species Toolkit for Local Government

One valuable tool is the Invasive Species Toolkit For Local Government, Real Estate Professionals and Land Managers (2018). Find out why these issues are the top 10 reasons for local governments to be engaged in invasive species management:

  • Property Values            
  • Recreation        
  • Human Health & Safety
  • Economic Impacts        
  • Biodiversity        
  • Range, Agriculture & Forestry
  • Fire Hazard            
  • Rate of Invasion        
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Good Neighbours

Local governments can build invasive species management programs through partnerships with regional species committees, aboriginal and provincial governments, community groups and related organizations. To be successful with limited resources it is important to pool resources, think strategically and regionally, provide education and incentives, work with volunteers, train staff, build and incorporate best practices and policies, prioritize activities and…continue to collaborate with local governments across BC.

Local Government Call to Action Against Invasive Species

Read the Call to Action Against Invasive Species and help your local government be a leader in BC. Protect your communities and assets by planning for, preventing and managing invasive species.

Local Government Collaboration in BC

ISCBC has hosted BC-wide workshops and meetings for local governments on general and specific topics. The ISCBC Board includes two Director and two Alternate positions from the local government perspective. These representatives assist with BC-wide collaboration.

Workshops & Meetings

The first ISCBC hosted local government general workshop was held in 2011 (see summary report below). Special local government meetings have since usually been held prior to the ISCBC Annual Forum. Local governments have been collaborating provincially on specific issues, such as regular meetings/workshops with Provincial partners on invasive ant issues. To find out about upcoming meetings and events, join the list-serve or watch this website for announcements.

'Making it Work...Locally' Government Workshop

This report summarizes the 'Making it Work...Locally' workshop that followed the 2011 IPCBC Public Forum. This workshop brought together local governments from across BC, along with others representing associated interest groups. This report summarizes speaker presentations, participant comments, and discussion period questions and answers for each session.

Invasive Ants in BC: Inter-Government Invasive Ants Reports and Factsheets

Join the Local Government Listserv

To join the Local Government listserv, email including your name, preferred email address for listserv and position.

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Local Government Resources

ISCBC Local Government Representatives

Connect with ISCBC's local government representatives by emailing using the links below:

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