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Parrot's Feather

A popular aquatic garden plant that spreads with water currents, animals, boats/trailers and fishing gear. Dense stands can stagnate water, and increase breeding grounds for mosquitoes learn more »

Zebra/Quagga Mussels

These tiny freshwater mussels clog drains, damage infrastructure, and are very costly to control/eradicate learn more »

Giant Hogweed

A towering toxic invasive plant with WorkSafe BC regulations learn more »

European Fire Ant

A tiny ant with a toxic sting learn more »

Purple Loosestrife

An aggressive wetland invader that threatens plant and animal diversity learn more »

Orange Hawkweed

Also yellow, these invasive plants replace native vegetation along roadsides, and threaten areas not yet reforested learn more »

Japanese Knotweed

Grows aggressively through concrete, impacting roads and house foundations learn more »

Spotted Knapweed

A single plant spreads rapidly with up to 140,000 seeds per square metre learn more »

Scotch Broom

An evergreen shrub that invades rangelands, replaces forage plants, causes allergies in people, and is a serious competitor to conifer seedlings learn more »

Invasive Species Business Development Workshop

There is a current shortage of invasive species management contractors in Northeastern B.C. - now is the time to start your own invasive species service based business!

The ISCBC, in partnership with the Northeast Aboriginal Business Center, is offering a Business Development Training Session this fall in Northeastern BC and you’re invited to attend.  Participants of this session will leave with a better understanding of what is required to start up their own invasive species service-based business. 

Some of the key topics that will be addressed include:

  • Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
  • Financing Your Business
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Requirements to Start Up and Invasive Species Management Business

Priority registration criteria to attend the following sessions will be given to people who are:

  • Residents of Northeastern BC
  • Underemployed resource industry workers
  • Interested in starting up their own invasive species service-based business
  • Hold a valid Industrial Vegetation and Noxious Weed Pesticide Applicators Certificate
  • Aware of invasive species and management issues in the region

These sessions are open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous applicants, with equal consideration.

The Invasive Species Business Development Training Session takes place December 5 - 7 in Fort St John. In advance of this session, we are hosting a half day Orientation Workshop to help potential participants find out more and to decide on whether this opportunity is a good fit for them. The Orientation Workshop will be held on Oct 24th, also in Fort St John. 

Download the Workshop poster in PDF here and in jpeg here.

Click the following links to read more and to register for the Orientation Workshop and the Training Program.

Invasive Species Business Development Orientation Workshop - Oct 24, Fort St John

A free half-day Business Development Orientation Workshop will be held: Date: October 24th Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Venue: Northern Lights Community College (Rm 2116, Industry Trades Building), Fort St John Campus. This Orientation Workshop will provide interested participants with a basic overview current invasive species business opportunities and what they can expect to learn about in the Business Development Training Program (offered December 5th -7th). The purpose of this Orientation Workshop is to help participants determine if this is an appropriate opportunity for them to pursue. Lunch will be provided for onsite participants but...learn more

Invasive Species Business Development Training Session - Dec 5 - 7, Fort St John

A free three-day Business Development Training Session will be held on December 5th, 6th and 7th at the Northern Lights Community College, Fort St John Campus. Day 1 and 2 will focus on exploring the following topics: Goal Setting and Planning for your future Getting Ready and Looking At Your Personal Financial Starting Point Costing And Pricing For Service-Based Businesses Financing Your Business Business Administration Marketing Your Business Requirements to Start Up and Invasive Species Management Business Day 3, which is an optional day, provides participants with a special opportunity to receive individual coaching and advice on business development from a Business Development...learn more